About the artist

I'm Tori Press. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, but am now home in Los Angeles, California. I am a lot of things: a mother, an entrepreneur, a yogi, a science enthusiast,  a  neurotic human person who is anxious right now about writing this bio, and an artist who is still getting used to calling herself an artist.

For 10 years, I  worked as a freelance graphic designer with my own company, Red Queen Design Studio. When I realized  in  late 2016 that I was no longer feeling inspired by design work, I decided to close down my business and find another creative outlet. I bought myself a sketchbook and a set of markers for Christmas and began drawing pictures inspired by my yoga practice. From there I have been on an extraordinary adventure of growth, self-discovery,  and human connection through my illustrations. 

I draw about what it's like to be a human being: the good, the bad, and mostly the vulnerable. I'm drawing to  help myself cultivate more mindfulness, joy, gratitude, and self-acceptance in my life, and I hope my art helps shine a little light for you on your own path as well.